Our Team

Welcome to the heart of our organization, our FAMILY!  Fiddle + Shine is composed of dedicated individuals who bring their unique skills, experiences, and passions to our mission. Get to know the faces who are the hearts behind F+S.



My name is Allison, and I'm thankful for this sweet tribe of mine that has been so involved and supportive of my dream.  When you lose someone who has impacted your life in such a massive way, you want to turn around and have that same impact on others. We created Fiddle + Shine to be a place for our community to do life together!  Our heart is to create an experience for everyone who walks through our doors.  Come see us!




Being a part of Fiddle + Shine House Market has been such a blessing for me. New to Bluffton, I am meeting so many wonderful people (locals and visitors) everyday at the store. The vision behind the store is one of healing, sharing, purpose and joy. That vision has become a reality.

I love watching people when they come into the store for the first time and feel the vibe. You can see it in their faces. Fiddle + Shine is a very special place for me and I am honored to be a part of this amazing community.



In March 2022 our family suffered the devastating loss of our youngest daughter Kellie. She was two weeks shy of her 32nd birthday.

Out of that tragedy came Fiddle + Shine. It was her sister Allison‘s vision to create a legacy in honor of Kellie, who loved fiddle leaf fig trees, and who was always shining brightly in everyone’s lives.

Whenever I am in the store, I feel Kellie‘s presence. I love being there taking care of the plants (I am the water-boy).  I'll be the one giving out treats to the dogs passing by, we are a dog friendly store to bring them in!

But most of all, I love being able to work side-by-side with my family in such a beautiful store. I also enjoy meeting so many wonderful people who stop into the shop and leave telling us how much they love it.

Fiddle + Shine has become my “healing place”.

When you are in Old Town Bluffton, please stop in and say hello chances are you will fall in love with the store as many others have!